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Thyristor based Soft Starter

The thyristor soft starter is an electronic and intelligent solid state based medium voltage soft starter and  comes with several methods of accelerating the motor so that it can be programmed to match almost any industrial AC motor application.


It is available in following range :

Voltage Range: 2.3KV~15KV AC
Power range: 200~10000KW

Available in either IP41 or IP54

The solid state soft starters adopt high voltage and large power thyristors in series as the key switching component of high voltage circuit. It controls the motor voltage by changing the flow angle of thyristor, so whatever start voltage and current needed from motor, it also can meet the requirements.


When the motor reaches full speed and the current drops to running levels, the Bypass Contactor will be closed .The Bypass Contactor serves to shunt power around the SCR stack assemblies to prevent heat build-up in the starter enclosure due to the slight voltage drop across the SCRs. At this point, this MV soft starter has the motor operating at full voltage, just as any other motor starter would.The related starting current and the starting torque can be optimally adjusted to the motor/load conditions. Adjustable range of limit current is:100-400%. FLA limit is only active during start up and not whilst the motor is running at full speed or on soft stop.

Multimotor options is also available wherein one soft starter module controls and operates 4 MV motors.The delay of 2 minutes between each motor switching is also provided,so the thyristor cools down after the start of previous motor.

Standard available option is with mains disconnecting switch & earthing switch + Line fuses + Line Contactor + Soft starter module + Bypass Contactor along with motor protection relay,indication lamps,etc.


Capacitor bank with fuses and contactor as an option can be also provided.Flexibility in providing the cable entry of incoming and outgoing cables as per project requirement. 


For further enquiries and detail required about product 

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