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Complete solution to start your medium voltage motor from 1.5 times FLC of motor.MV starters comes in 4 variants.A right type of starter can be selected looking into the project requirement.All the starters are fully type tested as per international IEC standard.A wide base of installation around the globe with satisfied customer.Unique combination to run single motor upto four motors on a single starter with various options are available.We are the only one to offer Harmonic free soft starter with standard warranty of 5 years.This ensures the quality,reliability in operation of the product.

The medium voltage drive can be offered from 3.3Kv to 11Kv upto 11000 KW.It has self-developed voltage vector PWM control method with the high control accuracy and fast response.MV VFD is complied with IEEE 519-1992 and GB/T14549-1993. They do not require the additional input filter, saving the cost for harmonic elimination. Because of the high power factor of the system, the compensation device for power factor is not needed, thus the reactive power are effectively reduced, saving the cost for the grid.

Fully type tested LV Busduct system as per IEC 61439-6 rated upto 690V,6300 Amp and upto IP66.The busway system is a reliable,efficient,robust and complete safe electrical distribution system.With sandwich construction,it comes in AL and Cu busbars with superior performance.It comes in various options from 3P3W till 3P5W.

MV Switchgear :The MV Switchgear are rated up to 13.8 kV, upto 2000 Amps,rated for 40 KA/3s.The MV switchgear panels are complete type tested as per IEC 62271-200.Metal Clad and Metal Enclosed system are available.The MV Switchgear has approvals and large installation based around the GCC region.

There are also other Electrical product along with MV Switchgear which can be provided.

LV Switchgear : Fully Type Tested Low Voltage Switchgear upto 6300Amp.Panels are built as Form -2, Form 6,Type 6 and 7.Panels of fixed type, plug in type and fully withhdarwable are also provided.

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