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Electrical Products

AURA Electrical Solutions has various Electrical products in their product basket.

1) Diesel Generators with various KW ranges starting from 5KW silent type.

2) Containerised Solution for Solar Energy. It includes a complete solution having a Container, RMU / MV Switchgear, LV Switchboard, Transformer,etc

3) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

4) Solar Lights

5) Earthing System.

6) Energy monitoring with wireless sensors for Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, Humidity, etc.

7) Explosion Proof Panels ATEX Certified with SS and Aluminium Alloy panels, Motors, Sensor, etc.

8) Cathodic Protection.

9) NGR / NER for Transformer and Generators.

10) Warning Sphere for High Voltage Cables and Telecommunication Cables.

11) Active and Passive Harmonic modules and panels.

12) Low Voltage and Exd Motors

Do feel free to contact us for more details on the above products.

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