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Low Voltage Busduct

Low voltage Busduct as per IEC 61439-6.Fully Type Tested ,robust,reliable,efficient and quality busduct system for various application.


The LV busduct are rated upto 690V.It has option of copper or aluminum conductor and suitable for 3P3W,3P4W & 3P5W system.

The busduct are available upto 6300 Amps and IP protection degree from IP54,IP65 & IP66.Rated short circuit current upto 120 KA/1 sec are available. The busduct are available in Class B and Class F insulation level.



It has an unique construction of extruded aluminium housing,which offers superior mechanical strength and is the lightest busway system.The installation and maintenance becomes much more easier.Also the AL housing avoids magnetic field,and hysteresis loss in the system.The AL housing also improves the heat dissipation for the whole busway system.


Tap Off :

The bustab,on its outlet and plug in pins are completely silver plated which provides superior performance,lower temperature rise.Joint insulator with a convex concave groove edge provides an increased creepage distance.The plug in boxes are provided with positioning device,which prevents incorrect phase installation.

Unique Temperature Controller :

Color coded temperature indicator applied at busway joint is to give an early warning when high temperature occurs at the joint.It has an unique and "Smart Temperature Control",the temperature can be monitored via the plug in box having the temperature controller.An alarm will sound in the event of overheating.


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