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Harmonic Free Soft Starter
  • We are the only one to offer standard warranty of 5 years for Harmonic free soft starter.

  • The complete Type Tested Harmonic Free Soft Starter as the name suggest has "Zero" harmonics’ Generic name is Motor Starting Reactor which is based on International IEC standards IEC 60076-6.One of the most robust, maintenance free, user friendly soft starter.

  • The starters are rated from 1.1 KV up to 13.8 KV.Its available up to 40,000 KW of motor rating. Harmonic free soft starter is also termed as HFSR and FCMA starter.  It is the only starter which has IEC standard accredited and specified to its type.

  • The Harmonic free soft starter comes into two variant of technology. Air Core Technology and Iron Core Technology. With the rugged  technology this could be done without any electronic or moving parts. Air Core - Technology gives very accurate measurement of reactor impedances and establishes starting current with 5% accuracy during manufacturing of Soft Starter. This is mandatory as per IS5553 Part-3 and IEC60076-6

  • With constant improvement and adding to the latest technology it has PLC to offer smooth,linear,stepless motor acceleration. A Pure sine wave-based LC Switching elements and motor starting current monitoring is controlled by PLC.

  • A unique and engineered approach towards stable system and improved power quality parameters. The Soft starter will improve the energy consumption during starting as well as during running of fixed speed motor, the maximum demand can be reduced by 68% and running energy saving can be achieved up to 22%.

  • With its matured PLC logic, controls the reactive and active components switching and currents and delivers as harmonic free, non-resonating system performance effective up to 1.2 x motor full load current using the Dyco technology. It balances the power quality and KVA consumption by monitoring system parameters and help maintaining the PF during starting and running of the motor.

   Both the variants come with following options :

  • Option - 1 : Main Disconnector switch + Earthing Switch (mechanically and electrically interlocked ) + Line fuses + Line vacuum contactor + Bypass vacuum contactor + Harmonic free soft starter module.

  • Option -2 : Vacuum circuit breaker + Bypass vacuum contactor + Harmonic free soft starter module.

  • For both the Options 1 & 2,withdrawable and fixed type for Line and Bypass are also available.(Withdrawable or Fixed vacuum contactor /vacuum circuit breaker).

  • For both the Options 1 & 2,Capacitor bank with fuses, contactor and detuned reactor can be provided to improve the power factor.

  • Multimotor solution is available wherein one Harmonic free soft starter module can operate up to 4 motors.

  • Power for heater control circuit and oil pump specially for chiller application can be also provided.

  • Cable entry as per site requirement for incomer & outgoing cable Top/Bottom can be also provided.

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